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Every year Fairchild honors outstanding service of the personel of Team Fairchild. Those are the men and women who perform the day-to-day duties that keep Fairchild Air Force Base running strong and staying true to their motto “Fueling for Freedom”. Green Gables Photography was a sponsor of one of those awards and this chalk( modeled after what is used on aircraft to block the wheels in place on the ground) with 4 coins from the groups of enlisted and NCO officers.

The men and women were honored with awards and Green Gables Photography was honored to be a sponsor of their fine service.Image


911 We do REMEMBER

Myron wanted to post on our reader board- to honor those who lost their lives innocently going about their regular lives and in the rescue that followed. Later, he looked out the window and saw an older man stop, take off his hat and bow his head in a moment of respect and prayer as he passed our sign.

The second Photograph is a snow sculpture- both the fireman and the angel who is being comforted by an angel. Myron found this on the internet afterward and has a copy of it on the wall by his desk.


What a beautiful location Selecting somewhere meaningful or beautiful makes such a difference in enhancing your family portrait.

So many summers spent here

As they say, Be all that you can be~ with retouching!!! a good idea!  With a professional business portrait your good features can be played up and anything you don’t want to show can usually be removed or diminished.


Lines have been softened, minor blemishes removed, a gap in her hair by her lapel is filled in, neckline by her jaw had been sculpted and the highlights in her hair have been enhanced.

A pretty lady presented at her best. Since she is presenting herself this way it adds credibility to the expectation of her carrying through in business.


In our involvement with Spokane Lilac Festival we have many opportunities to honor the military. The Wing Commander from Fairchild Air Force Base, Col Paul Guemmer is finishing his command here and about to move to his next post. There was a dinner cruise on Lake Couer d’ Alene in his honor where he was presented many plaques and mementos from the many groups on base and in the Spokane community.

Spokane Lilac Festival made him an honorary Festival Director and presented him with a Purple Coat with festival pins from 2011 and 2012.

Myron and I were named 2012 Citizens of the year by the Spokane Realtors this May. They honored us for our involvement in Spokane Lilac Festival which includes many activities in support of our local military as well as community events. The Mission Statement of Lilac Festival is: Honoring our Military, Recognizing our Youth and Showcasing our Community. Myron was President of the Festival in 2011 which meant that I, Rita, was First Lady. It was a year full of activities platformed on the mission statement.

Myron is also active in Downtown Spokane Kiwanis and serves on the Executive Board. He was just named to the Board for Spokane Kiwanis Charities.

You do your job well and want people to know they can trust you. Present your self in a professional manner by your use of a well done professional business portrait. A professional photographer knows how to pose you, even if it is a more casual look that suits your business. Good lighting and retouching  make you look your best.

Retouched business portrait

Before retouching

This is such a special time. So much anticipation, nothing will be the same. A BABY coming into your lives is so extraordinary and wonderful. Maternity portraits celebrate this change in both your lives as you become a family, not a couple any more…..

Oh, yeah!!! We're pregnant and we love it!!!He loves me......

You are communicating with your business portrait, creating an impression, introducing yourself.

With the style of portrait you can say, ”I’m a regular person, you can count on me” or “I’m successful and know how to invest your funds.”

Put together and dependable, ready for businessI can handle your project. I can handle your investments

Portraits are a way to honor and celebrate Family. The look of a family with toddlers progresses to a more mature look with grade schoolers and then teenagers. When the whole family is in town it is a great time to please grandma and grandpa with everyone together in a portrait.

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